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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Christmas morning before the destruction.

Two excited girls.

The cat getting in on the action.

Summer opening presents on Christmas eve.

Autumn opening presents on Christmas eve.

Summer being Summer.

What a good finger...

Don't even know what to say here!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Memory lane revisited...

Ok, so you put me on a hunt for a picture of when we lived there. It almost didn't even look like the same house without the porch and the barn! Weird! So, I found this and thought you all might like to see how it used to look. It sure has been neglected over the years! And we thought it was in bad shape when we lived there! It was kind of a cool old house though, huh? Ghosts and all. I sure do have some good memories from there anyways.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Memory Lane

We have been very busy over the last two weeks. We waited until it was nice and cold to start some outdoor trips.

Last weekend we went to the Saratoga Battlefield, we have lived here six years and finally went. It was a very nice time, except for the blistering winds. (pictures to follow)

This weekend we went out to a friend's parent's house for a party just outside of Syracuse. It was really fun and the girls got to ride their horses. It was just around the jumping ring and they were being walked. It was very COLD and very WINDY. They were afraid the wind would spook the horse. They want us to come up again next year when it is warmer and we can ride more. They own about 30 acres. (pictures to follow)

On the way home we took a small detour. Can anyone identify this house?

Lucky winner gets a pat on the back. (Mom and Dad are disqualified from this contest...)

Monday, October 23, 2006

My other kids

I just reviewed my last post, and I realized that I forgot 2 important things. I wanted to show a couple of Addie's pictures.
On the right is a picture of her at our company picnic. On the left is one from 4th of July. She really loved the fireworks this year.

And this is Gerry. He is the newest addition to our household. Actually, he isn't totally in our house, but he costs as much as another kid, so I am going to claim him. We are leasing him for Sierra. He is a 6 year old Thoroughbred, who actually won a race when he was at the track. Sierra loves him! She will be riding in 2 major horseshows during the next two weeks. This Friday we head to Saint Louis, and next weekend we will be in Kansas City. Think happy thoughts for them...

Chicago trip

This summer Joe and I took Sierra to Chicago to go to her first Cub's game. When we got to Chicago, we went to Shedd Aquarium. Sierra had a great time. She even got to participate in the dolphin show!
After the aquarium, we went to Navy Pier. Sierra wanted to ride the ferris wheel. So I took pictures from the top.

The next day we headed to Lincoln Park Zoo. It was very strange to go to a zoo in the middle of downtown. You walk around looking at the animals, and all around are super tall buildings. A strange experience.

After the zoo we introduced Sierra to deep-dish pizza at Gino's. She would make the trip again just for the pizza.

Sierra's least favorite thing is waiting. We waited outside the Cubs game for over an hour. Then we got inside and waited for batting practice to start. Batting practice went well for her. Mark Prior (Cubs pitcher) picked her out and threw her a ball.

About the time batting practice was finished, it started raining. It rained for hours. You couldn't possibly be wetter than we were. Eventually they called the game. We later learned that they would play a double-header the next day. We were able to get tickets for the next day (amazing!), so Sierra got to see 2 Cubs games.

The best part of the trip was letting Sierra play travel agent. We had her get online and research places she wanted to visit which really added to the experience for her.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Syd's B-day party

So we finally had Sydney's birthday party today. We had waited an extra week to have it so her best friend Casey could be here (they were out of town.) She wanted a Harry Potter theme this year, so we had fun with that. I made a poster with Harry's face and they played pin the scar on Harry's forehead! It was funny. They also had a jelly bean tasting game where they had to try to figure out what flavor they all were. Except we had somewhat normal flavors like peanut butter and buttered popcorn, instead of the vomit and dirt flavors they have in the "Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans" in the movie. They all enjoyed that too. We also got some dry ice and had some pretty wicked smoking cauldrons for a few minutes. It didn't last too long, but was really cool while it did! And of course, Sydney got tons of monkey things which she was absolutely thrilled about. I'll try to post some pics with this too, hopefully I'll have better luck than last time. Anyways, hope all is well with everyone!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pictures from Mom's Last Visit

Ok, finally got it to work - it's a horrible picture of me, but you all know what I look like anyway, so doesn't matter! It was nice to get to see Mom one last time before she moves stateside. Don't know how long it will be before we see her again, so it was a bit of a sad parting! (We already have plans to send Shannon and Liam to her for the summer when they are old enough, though!)

Here she is with the kids - it was in the morning of her last day and we had to quick pin them down before they left for school, so they are both in their uniforms - Shannon is a typical moody almost teenager, so no chance of a smile or anything!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm trying to upload some photos, and everytime I do it keeps going to the Google search page! What the hell is wrong with this thing?