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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Happy Wednesday night all! Today was much better, thank you. We only had a half day of school, so I got to take a nap this afternoon (imagine that!!) I think I'm just behind on my sleep quota. Then it's also "Girls night" at Bev's. I got my weekly fix of coffee, cookies and cards!! We played Phase Ten and I got my butt beat!! But that's ok, I have fun and that's what matters. It's after 10:00 now and I'm going to try to catch up with some sleep. I need to be ready for the month of December!! Ha ha

just me...

It's good to see you on here too Heather! Because you know, we just don't talk to each other enough!! Ha, ha, ha..

Well Amber, I hope tomorrow gets better for you. I wish you could go to my yoga class with me, I always come home with such a better attitude about everything. I had class tonight at 7 and was tired and cranky when I left. But I feel so much better now. And it's not just the yoga that we do either, I think it's the whole atmosphere, the people, just the whole vibe, you know? At the end we always do what's called Savasana (also called Corpse pose) where you lay on you back with your eyes closed and practice deep breathing and stuff like that. Sandy, our instructor, always talks to us during that time about different kinds of things, visualization and breathing out your stresses of the day and such. It's weird because I've never been very good at visualization and that kind of thing in my head, but she seems to be able to put things in a context that my mind can grasp and works for me. And it really is amazing how different I feel in that one hour. Cause let me say, me and Ethan didn't exactly get along today! I dont know what it was, just one of those days I guess. And I guess it didn't hurt that Bryan had put him to bed by the time I got home either! Ha, ha!! So.... not really sure where I was going with this, but guess I just wanted to share my evening with you all! I'll check back tomorrow, g'night.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Hi Heather!! I'm so glad to see you too. It's exactly like you said, a big family journal. I just like the idea that we can all share all our everyday stuff. I know I said it before, but it's just been too long since we've been able to do that. I hope your leak into your kitchen isn't too bad.

Fayth, I think it's pretty cool that you got snow. We've had a really mild winter so far, only a dusting of snow. I'm afraid when it falls the snow will be really deep!

Today was moderately better than yesterday. At least I didn't feel like killing anyone! Em is off to a job interview, sort of. Someone has asked to see his portfolio of pictures, they want him to take pictures of their son's bar mitzva (??) Hopefully all will go well. I have to go and convince the kids that they want to clean the table and do their homework. See you later.

Just me saying hi!

Ok, I finally managed to get on this thing - I've never heard of a blog before, but it's a pretty cool idea, like a big family journal! I won't have much in the way of photos to put on here since I'm still in the dark ages and have to send my film off to be developed, but I can sure add my input with words!
So anyway, I walked into my kitchen about an hour ago and the contents of the bathtub Jason had just drained had somehow made their way through the ceiling and onto the kitchen floor - I think there's a small chance we have a leak...all over the dogs' new bed which they decided to rip open and pull the stuffung out of! That's the day I've been having and I'm glad it's just about over now! I look forward to reading everyone else's news and will have to remember to check this thing every day.

It's snowing!

Ok, so I know to all ya'll over there in New England, this is nothing. But to us over here where it hasn't even flurried in almost 2 years, this is exciting! We have a nice little dusting, but it won't last long, it's already turned back to rain. But Ethan and our dog Maddy sure enjoyed it. Hopefully Sydney got to play a little in it at recess at school.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Well, I just got home from school and, of course, came right up to check this out. I'm glad to see that you have all registered. I hope that we can all just put stuff from everyday in it. I think it'll be a nice way for us all to keep up with each others busy lives.

Today has been a pretty crappy day for me. I don't know why, I just felt like there was this black cloud over my head all day. I'm a little better now that I don't have 25 children all needing me at once! I can deal with only 2!! But it can only get better, right? Well, I hope that you all had a much better day and I'll check back later.


Cindy, Barbara, Summer & Autumn

Autumn & Summer
We had thanksgiving at my Aunt Donnie's house. Only about sixteen people this year. Snowed in the morning, and then a brief hard snow in the afternoon, only in the mid 20's. It was a nice day over all.
Lots of good people and LOTS of good food.
My Aunt is also cheating. She reviled that her pumpkin pie and bread is made with squash. I need to check but I believe this violates a law somewhere.
Know I need to go and wake Amber, this will be fun....

I See You

I See You!!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Trial picture

Ok, just messing around trying to figure this thing out. This is a picture from Thanksgiving. Let's see if this comes out ok!


My Wife is on the cutting edge of technology....

The Beginning

Hey all, I've created this blog (with some help from Emerson) and was hoping that you would like to join me in adding to it. I have seen others and they seem to be pretty cool. I thought we could post pictures and notes and stuff like that. Let me know what you think.