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Friday, December 30, 2005

Hi everybody....glad to hear you all had good Christmas days. I enjoyed reading about all the chaos...relish it because that's what you will miss! I used to wonder how I would survive it all but now I can honestly say I miss it! Thanks for all the truly wonderful memories you've all given me!! I had a quiet, uneventful day. My friend who lost her fiance this summer came over. He had surgery about 18 months before to remove a brain tumor and after enduring chemo and radiation therapy, getting a clean bill of health...he suddenly suffered a massive heart attack in his sleep and was gone in an instant. Pretty heavy! Anyway it was her first Christmas without him...they had been together 15 years. We shared some wine and some memories and then I forced her to watch White Christmas! One of my favorites but she had never seen it...not her kind of movie she says. The end result was we were both asleep on the couch before 11pm! I ahd put up my tree which she couldn't bring herself to do so she enjoyed that. I had a few presents under the tree which of course like a good little girl I allowed to remain untouched until Christmas morning. I let Lulu tear into hers and then she helped me with mine. Not a bad day.

We didn't have a white Christmas but we sure are going to have a white New Year's. We have snow on the ground started Wednesday and it's supposed to dump on us this weekend. I have no plans to be out New Year's eve but I have to work on the 1st and I don't like driving in the mess. I don't mind it when I get to stay home though. With all this property it's like i have my own private woods to play in. The dog loves it! She loves to catch snowballs and if she misses one she roots around in the snow like she thinks she can find it...cracks me up! And of course she gets covered in snow...she has feathers like an Irish Setter and when she finally comes in it's because she has so much snow stuck to her she can hardly walk. She is such a trip!

Love to

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

White Christmas (well, almost!)

They've been talking about snow for a couple of weeks now, but the weather has been so warm we thought for sure they were wrong. It never snows on Christmas day, and that tradition still stands. But then we woke up yesterday morning with a blanket of white everywhere! It didn't even look like snow when we went to bed. Then we woke up this morning and it had snowed another couple of inches! They are talking about more to come over the next few days, too. So although we didn't quite have a White Christmas, this is close enough for me. There's a big hill at the bottom of the village, and we took the dogs and kids up there this morning. The kids went down the hill on their sleds, and the dogs just went wild running in the snow. It was great. Reminds me of winter in South Dakota or New York (although not quite as much as we usually had there). We better make the most of it while it lasts, because it is sure to be melted before the weekend.
So anyway, for those of you I haven't spoken to, our Christmas was great. The kids slept in until almost 7 for a change! Everone seems to have gotten what they asked Santa for, and a bit more! We had a couple of hours visiting at Jason's grandparents' and then back home for Christmas lunch - Jason's mum came to ours as well. The rest of the day was spent playing with new toys and watching Christmassy films on telly. Everyone has been staying up far too late and I am just about ready to get back to normal so that we can get some decent sleep (not that normal involves decent sleep anyway, but nevermind!).
Ok, that's my update for now. Amber, I'm glad Bev is on the road to recovery, and happy that the girls liked their monkeys - we thought they were really cute. Bye for now!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'll 2nd That!!

It's been a pretty hairy couple of days, but I think the dust has finally settled.

We'll start with Bev, her surgery was shorter and easier than the doctor expected, yeah! She was in ICU until yesterday, we got to see her for 2 minutes on Christmas day and that was all. She's now in a regular room, but still a nurse with her all the time. They are hoping that she'll be able to leave by tomorrow or Thursday. She's up and walking and breathing ok, so that's good news. I would have thought with open heart surgery they would keep her longer, but if they think she's ok then I know she'll be happier at home.

Christmas was crazy, but not too bad. It's that it's so busy and this year with going up to the hospital, that was just another thing to do. The girls were very happy, thank you all for your wonderful gifts. Heather, the monkeys were a big hit!

Fayth, I was telling you about my lasagna, it came out great! Of course it is so big we'll be eating it for weeks!

Here's Summer with her gift from Autumn:

Here's Autunm with the book she's been waiting for!

I will try to talk to you all sometime this week, but if I don't catch up with you I hope your Christmas was merry and your New year is great! Love you all.

Monday, December 26, 2005


So we made it through Christmas! I think we've all recovered from the excitement and lack of sleep. We had a Christmas party here at the house on Friday night so we had lots of people over and the kids were up till about midnight. So they were already wiped out by Christmas Eve. We watched White Christmas (Sydney's favorite movie) before bed and they were in bed early. We though we had it easy and were going to get to bed early ourselves since we'd gotten everything wrapped and all. So we put all the loot out under the tree and I had finished stuffing the stockings and put them in the kid's rooms and were getting ready to head to bed ourselves (it was about 10:30) when Ethan comes walking out into the livingroom! I scooped him up and carried him back to bed, hoping that he was too sleepy to actually have seen anything! I got him back in bed and he wanted me to go online and track Santa and tell him where he was. The only problem was that his stocking was hanging on his doorknob! So I was sitting there next to his bed (blocking his view of his door) and trying to figure out how to get the stocking back off without him noticing. Thankfully, Bryan came down the hallway and I was able to signal him to get it for me. It was a close one! Then it took Ethan almost another hour to get back to sleep. So I guess it almost works better when you have tons left to do on Christmas Eve so you can make sure they're good and asleep before Santa comes! Crazy! So then Sydney was up at 5am. I made her go back to bed for a while. She came back in my room at 6 and then about every 5 minutes to tell me something else. So we finally got up about 6:45. We had to wake Ethan up a little while later. After being up in the middle of the night, he probably would have slept till 9! They had tons of fun though. They got at least a couple of the things on their wish list. (Sydney's was a whole page long!) I got most of the things on my wish list too, so we were all happy! All in all, it was a fun day. We all went to bed early though because we were wiped. Well, better get going. Hope you all had a fun day too. I think I talked to most of you anyways. If not, I'm sure I will soon. Bye!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Weathermen lie but it is a Merry Christmas anyway

Hello Gang,
Joe and I woke yesterday morning to horrible, disgusting colds. Just perfect considering that we were to host the family Christmas Eve dinner and presents extravaganza. We also discovered that it was supposed to rain all day yesterday and then change over to snow overnight. The plan was to have Sierra here for Christmas morning and then meet her dad halfway to Kansas City at 10am today. After we discovered that we were supposed to have crappy weather, we decided to change plans and have Christmas yesterday. I ran and finished my wrapping (leave me alone, I was supposed to have 24 more hours to get it all done) and stuffed stockings. Everyone had a great time opening presents and were thrilled to receive great stuff. Addie was thrilled to get to rip open packages and throw the paper away. Addie's favorite gift: a giant "hide"; her word for the Barney tepee that my mom got for her at a craft fair. Sierra got many cool games, books, and clothes-any 10 year old's dream.
We did host the dinner party. I hope that we didn't infect everyone with our nasty germs. My mother-in-law deserves sainthood for helping out with Addie so that I could rest on the couch after dinner while we all opened gifts. I took pictures that I will post later. With 12 people there was so much stuff that you couldn't walk! Addie got a Little Tykes car (that should be outside) that she has been driving all around the house. I can't wait for Spring already.
All said it was a great day. Joe took Sierra to meet her dad last night. I am a little blue that she is not here this morning. It is the first time in 10 years that I haven't had her here to open presents Christmas day. I can't wait to hear from her and see what Santa brought her in Kansas City. Joe and I are having a lazy morning playing with Addie's new toys. I hope that all of you have a Merry Christmas! Can't wait to hear about your day.

Merry Christmas All

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hey all, me again! Just wanted to let you know some bad news. My mother-in-law, Bev (Em's step-mom for those who don't remember) had a heart attack on Sunday. She is in the hospital right now and is stable. They did some tests and she has some major blockage in her arteries. They have her scheduled for quadruple bipass surgery on Friday morning. They would have done it sooner except they needed to wait for one of her medications to get out of her system. She seems in reasonable spirits considering, although she doesn't want to have to go thru with it. (who could blame her!) She's going to be in the hospital until at least next Wednesday, so we'll have part of our Christmas there. I'll keep you posted on how she's doing. Talk to you soon.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Hey all, I hope that all is well with everyone. Not too bad here, but with only 6 days left until Christmas there will be chaos in my house. Although, it won't be as bad as it has been in the past. I have most of my shopping done and the cookies are all baked (yeah for me!) I still have wrapping to do and packages to mail. Some stuff will be late, but I think it'll make it before the new year. I'm hoping the weather holds out for me, I hate driving in the yucky white stuff. Everything is still white from the last storm, but the roads are clear, mostly. Not much else to say, got to get ready for school. Have a great week!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Help! Rescue me!!

I'm being held captive by 5 screaming children, I want out!! Ok, not really, just babysitting for the weekend. My friend Mona went to Seattle for the weekend with her husband to meet up with her sister who flew down from Canada and I'm staying at their house with my 2 kids watching her 3. So we have a 4 yo boy, 5 yo boy, 6 yo boy, and two 8 yo girls. We came yesterday after school and will be here till tomorrow afternoon. Yay. It's really not that bad, they play good together, they're all best friends. They're just really loud. And they wake up way way way too early. My kids are sleepers, like me, and will generally sleep pretty late on the weekends, or at least be really quiet when they get up. I got woken up to screaming kids chasing each other through the house way too early. Lovely. So, really I'm just tired and needed to whine a little bit! So thanks for giving me an outlet! But the good news is that while I'm here, a new oven is being installed in my house! I'm sure I've told at least some of you about the piece of crap that's in there now. I'm pretty sure it's original to the house which was built sometime in the 60's I believe. They don't even make the parts for it anymore. It's not a one piece altogether thing, the oven is in the wall (or cabinet) and the range top is next to it. So in order to put a new one in, Bryan is having to cut some of the cabinet out where the range was seated. So it's probably a good thing that I'm not there today and will just come home and see the finished product, it would probably scare me to see it right now! But we shall see. He has a guy he works with that's an electrician helping him install it (that's actually where he got the stove from), so at least he won't electrocute himself! It might take a little adjustment to actually bake in an oven that works properly though, I'm quite used to adjusting the cooking times and temperatures so things won't burn and all. It sure will be nice though! I'm excited. Especailly since I'll be doing all my Christmas baking next week. I think I'm going to be trying to make butterhorns for the first time this year. Grandma gave me the recipe a couple years ago, but for some reason I've not tried it yet. Wish me luck! Well, guess I should go and make sure no one's killing anyone else or anything like that. Hope you all are having a good weekend!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Our Tree

We put the tree up last weekend and are just now getting to take some photos. Sorry for the quality but trying to do it before their bedtime.

Oh Christmas Tree..

Ok, so I got on here last night to post and tell you all about our tree and ended up doing something retarded and erasing my whole message! Nice, huh. So I gave up for the night because Grey's Anatomy was about to start and am coming back this morning. So here goes attempt # 2 :

We went and got our Christmas tree yesterday, it was lots of fun. I put in a couple pictures for you, one showing the tree in it's natural habitat, and then the other once the tree has been put up and camouflaged to fit into it's new environment. The two small creatures in front in both would be my children. We had a gorgeous day for it though, nice and sunny and temp in the upper 40's. We went out to this U-Cut tree farm and walked around until we found one we liked. I really wanted to get one of the nobles, but the only ones they had left were about two feet tall. So we went with the regular fir, but we got a nice one. It was nice and light too so it wasn't too hard to get up. The kids had a blast decorating it. Thankfully Sydney's getting taller and can spread the ornaments out a little more than in previous years. You can still tell which area Ethan decorated! Anyways, the kids had a good time and now Ethan thinks every day it's going to be Christmas Eve. So it's a good thing we didn't put it up before now or he would have really driven me crazy. But it feels like Christmas now, we made some sugar cookies and put some presents out. One more week of school to get through and it'll be a busy one. So I better get going and get them ready to go. See ya!

Friday, December 09, 2005

All Hands Now Hear This...

Does anyone have a current e-mail for Erin? Please do not post on here, but e-mail it to us directly please. She is the only one who not responded to the invite for the blog.

That Is All...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

This should be fun. They are predicting 4 - 7 inches of snow with the possibility of 12".


Here come's Santa Claus...

Aren't we having fun??? I have been a mother for over 10 years now with no pictures of my children on Santa's lap to show for it. Sierra liked the idea of Santa, but I could never convince her to go sit on Santa's lap. I decided that sweet, little Addie would love to go see the jolly ol' fella. You would have thought I was trying to kill her. She cried, screamed, tried to jump off his lap, and when that didn't work, she started to hyperventilate. So I still do not have a photo of either of my girls sitting ON Santa's lap. I guess I will have to live with sitting CLOSE to Santa's lap.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hi from sunny Italy

Just wanted to let you know what a glorious day it was today! Not rubbing it in...just wanted to share my good news. We have had nothing but rain, fog and snow for the last month and it was starting to get depressing. Plus the dog goes nuts because she can't go out and run around. And of course then she wants to play ball in the house! Ok...I know...most of you have at least one pet and two kids so what am I whining about? So anyway back to the was the first time in months that the mountains have been clear and now they are covered with snow. Quite a sight! There are small hills around me but the mountains are the Dolomites. It's just nice to be able to see them so clearly because that means the air is clearer of smog and you know how good it feels when the air is really fresh and crisp.

It's the end of my day now...time to get some dinner and head for bed. 0330 comes way too early! In spite of how long I have been doing this, it still feels like it is the middle of the night! This time of year I often go to work in the dark and come home in the dark so I relish what sun I can get!

G'day and g'night to, mom

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

10:50... All is Well.....

Monday, December 05, 2005


Hello all. I'm so glad it's the end of the day! It's been a long one, that's for sure! Well, mostly because I was up way too late last night and then had to get up way too early (for me anyway!) to get the kids to school, so I was tired all day. But I did manage to get some Christmas shopping done this morning while they were gone, so that was good. I think I'm just about done! Yay! I got a whole bunch of stuff early this year, trying to spread it out a bit. Now I just have to restrain myself and not buy any more! That's the problem I had last year. So far so good though. We haven't got the tree up yet here. We plan on going this Sunday to get one. We're going to try a new place this year that we've heard is really nice and really cheap. It's a cut-your-own kind of place, but that's fine, that's what Bryan likes to do anyway. Last year I just picked one out at the QFC parking lot because he wasnt' back yet and I didn't feel like doing that with the kids. So this year it'll be fun to be able to make a day of it. Go find the perfect one and have Dad chop it down, tie it to the jeep, bring it in the house, set it up and the kids and I'll make some hot chocolate! Sounds good to me! We are getting in to the holiday spirit though, we've been singing carols all week getting ready for tonight. We went caroling with Sydney's brownie troop tonight at the hospital here. They all had jingle bells and Santa hats, it was cute. I forgot my camera though! I always do, I'm so bad. We did that after dinner, so it made for a long day. So I'm just sitting here with a nice glass of wine and waiting for Las Vegas to start. Do you get that show over there Mom? You'd like it, it's good. I'm so glad you got on here too Mom!! This is such a great way for us all to keep in touch. I'm so glad you did this Amber. Well, I guess that's about it for me for tonight. Talk to you all later. Have a good night!

Hey everyone! Hope your Monday is going well. Mine was ok, as far as Mondays go!! It's nice to hear from you, Mom! I'm glad you were able to get this. I know you spend your time on the comoputer at work and don't always get a chance at home.

We got our tree up on Saturday. We're slowly decorating it. We have amassed so many christmas decorations that it takes forever to get them all out. I'll take pictures when it's all done.

Bowling Sat. night went alright. My first game was a 132, but then I bowled a 164 and a 168. (much better!) When you only bowl once a month, it's hard to get into the swing of it, you know? As my friend Rachel puts it, it's a drinking league with a bowling problem!!

I'm off to get the girls to do their homework and hopefully we'll have time to bake some cookies. I'll be talking to you soon. Love to all.

Too Cool!!

Ok soI'm gonna jump right in and hope this works the first time around! This is way cooler than individual e-mails...almost makes you feel like we are all a conference call only it's e-mail! And with all of having such hectic lives...not to mention living in different time's really nice to feel like you can keep in touch with everybody at once. I love the whole concept!

I only got this today because when I hooked everything back up after moving my computer around I forgot that the switch on my surge protector had blown so I haven't been able connect for about a week. One of the main things I do is take stuff apart and put it back together. Stuff like computers and networking equipment like routers and hubs and cash registers and printers. Somehow I just couldn't find the motivation to troubleshoot my own stuff. Glad I did!

Have you all put your tree up already? I'm trying to get motivated to do it because it actually helps me to cope with all the Christmas chaos at work. The lights are soothing and it's fun to watch my dog sleep under it. She lays upside down under it. My guess is she must enjoy the lights too! I just have to find a place for my little rocker...yep! Once a rocker...always a rocker! I've found I get a great deal of pleasure from the memories inspired by rocking!

Ciao-ciao! Mia to you all! Lea(mom)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Lazy morning..

Hey all. So it's just another lazy Saturday morning here. The kids are watching Madagascar, again. We rented it last night and all watched it together. We've been trying to get it since it came out a few weeks ago, but it was never in at the video store. I guess the kids figure since we only have it for the weekend they need to watch it as many times as possible! It was funny though.

Ok, my cat Toby has now jumped on my lap, after walking across the keyboard, and is demanding to be loved. He's a funny cat. He was mad at me yesterday because I put his flea stuff on him. Guess he's forgiven me now!

So we had more snow the other day. Actually school was delayed two hours yesterday because of it! It cracks me up how much of a big deal it is here when it snows. I guess it's just such a novelty. I remember when we lived in Montana, they didn't care if you had to shovel your car out of a snowbank in the morning, you still had no excuse for being late for school! But here, the roads are a little slushy, so they delay school. Oh well, the kids enjoyed being able to go out and play in it in the morning before they had to go anywhere. It's melting away now, so who knows how long it'll last.

Well, Bryan and I are having a night out tonight. The kids are having a sleepover at their friend's house (my friend Mona) and we're going to go up to the mall in Tacoma and do some Christmas shopping. It should be fun. Last year we didn't get to do any shopping together. I think I had most of it done by the time he got back home. And we're also going to get to go to dinner with a friend of ours that's in town this week that we haven't seen in 6 years! Bryan worked with Adam when we lived in NY and they left about a year before we did. So it'll be really good to get together with him too. Should be fun!

The kid's movie is over now and Sydney want me to cut her hair this morning, so I guess I should get going. Also, Heather's just called, so I really need to go. Be back soon!

Good Morning to all! December has finally brought us some snow, but only an inch or so. I'm not sure what the totals are supposed to be, but I don't think it'll be a lot. The girls are very excited. They've been waiting for snow for a while now.

We started our Christmas decorating, the lights outside are up and a few houses inside. Emerson got out the tree this morning and is in the process of putting it together. It's slow going, with each row of branches if you put the lights on it's easier, rather than waiting until the end. It'll take us a while to shape it, so we probably won't put any decorations on until maybe tomorrow.

Tonight is our monthly bowling night. The first Saturday of every month we go, not too often, but enough to have fun. I wouldn't want to go every week, we have enough other things going on. Wish us luck!! Have a great weekend. Talk to you soon.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy December

Wow! I can't believe it's December already - I'm going to have a 12-year old in 13 days! Jason is starting to get all excited about Christmas. We never put the tree up before Shannon's birthday, but we got some icicle lights on sale and he had to put them up outside the house, then leave the street and come back, so that he could really appreciate how they look! He's so funny sometimes.

Fayth, it's funny that you were at yoga last night, I was in my living room doing exactly the same thing - even did the Savasana. I wish there were a class nearby I could go to, but I'd have to drive to Huntingdon and with Jason away so much I'd miss it most weeks anyway, so I've bought a book and just do it on my own - better than nothing. I have only just started, but I love how relaxing it is.

Amber, that girls night sounds great. I should try and get some of my friends to start up something like that - except we all have kids and no one to look after them most of the time, and it's not quite the same with kids around is it? I'm glad you have an escape like that, though, it's a great idea! Hoe did Emerson's "job interview" go, by the way? I love the pictures he's put on your website, especially the ones of the lake. He's got a definite talent there.

Ok, that's me done today, time to go wash dishes and get ready to head to bed. Got some Christmas shopping to do tomorrow and I need to go round Jason's mum's in the morning for a shower since ours is still leaking into the kitchen! Ciao!

Hi from Missouri

Hi Guys! Most of my friends are blogging, and I am thrilled that we have a new way to keep in touch.
Things in Missouri are good. We haven't had any snow yet-haha to all of you that have! Work has been crazy lately. I wish I could go to yoga classes with you, Fayth!
The kids have been joys lately. Who knew that a 2 year old could be sweet??? Maybe she knows that Santa is watching. I will have to get some other pictures of the girls downloaded soon.
I have to run to a meeting, so I'll check back soon