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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's Wednesday!!

Hello to all! Hopefully your week is going well. It's winter break for us at school here and I've been trying to catch up on stuff around the house. We did some major rearranging upstairs, mostly switching the bedrooms. The girls were in the master bedroom, and I just wanted the bigger room back. The girls just messed it up, so I'm hoping that the smaller the space, the more often we'll clean. we'll see! So that's pretty all consuming, but it's something I just needed to do. I've scheduled in some downtime for today, so I think I'm going to get the girls and all go take a nap! I'll talk to you all later.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just killing time...

So, I've got a couple more minutes to wait for my songs to download and I thought I'd say hello. To who I'm not sure, (or would it be whom? I never know.) But hello anyways. I've got these free downloads from this trial offer on this website so I'm getting some good stuff. Although it doesn't have a lot of new mainstream kind of anything I've ever heard of, but I've gotten some stuff. Tonight I was on a mission to recreate a cd that Dad has and I used to have a tape of called "The Greatest Hits of 1750". It's really good, got lots of Bach and Vivaldi and stuff. Anyways, I can't find the tape I used to have, just the insert with track listings. So I've been looking trying to get the specific songs I want. Some were pretty easy, but some not so much. But I just love listening to it. It's amazing how music can put you in such a good mood. Anyways, think my downloading is done now, so I probably should get to bed. It's getting late. Goodnight all.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A peaceful morning...

Well, this doesn't happen very often around here for me. I am all alone. Well, except for the cats and dog. Bryan's gone this weekend, went back to Mass for a couple days to visit his family. His dad just had surgery for prostate cancer so he thought it would be a good time to visit. Plus he gets to watch the Daytona 500 with his dad, which he hasn't done in years, so he was really looking forward to it. So he's gone, and the kids are gone too. They stayed overnight at Mona's last night because I have to be somewhere pretty early this morning (early for us anyway!) and didn't want to have to try to drag them out of bed. So it's been a nice peaceful morning for me. The evening without them wasn't really all that different, they're usually in bed early anyways, so I'm used to having that time alone. But I NEVER have a morning to myself. I just don't get up early enough to be up before them. And it's always rushing and whining on school days, and cartoons and running around on weekends. So it's nice to be able to sit here and eat my english muffin and drink my tea and do what I want to on the computer in the quiet! But now, alas, it must end and I must be off to a girl scout meeting to decide where we're going to have our cookie booths this year. Why they have to do it at 8:30 am on a Saturday morning is beyond me, but what can you do. Bye!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day (a day early!)

Hey all. How's it going? Good here. The reason I say Happy Valentine's Day early is that we have two parties today, so we're kind of in the mode. Ethan had his party at playschool this morning. He was so cute. He made out all his cards to all his friends and picked out a red shirt to wear (Spiderman of course). But the best part was his hair. He decided that he needed to comb it over to the side and slick it all back. He likes it like that you see. It's so funny. He likes to get it wet and smooth it all down, but always going over to the side. So I helped him a little this morning and we even put a little gel in so it would stay nice all through school. I took his picture this morning and will stick it on here so you all can see how handsome he looks. Cracks me up! So that was today. We also have a Girl Scout party tonight to go to, that'll be fun. Things have been ok around here. Nothing much happening. Well, besides my Jeep dying and being stranded at the mall! Scared the crap out of me. Thankfully Mona was there still so I wasn't actually stranded. But I had gotten in, ready to go, turned the key and nothing. Not a single sound. I know really not much about cars and engines and all so I didn't know what to do. Bryan went back when he got off work though and got it going again. Thankfully all it ended up being was the bolt that holds the negative cable onto the battery had come off so the cable wasn't connected. All it took was getting a new bolt for it. I was so glad. I had been so worried it was something major. So that was the drama this week. Everything else is just the same old same old. Well, better get off here now, need to make some bread so Sydney can actually have a sandwich in her lunch tomorrow! Talk to you all soon.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's Sunday again

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good week. Fayth, I hope your car is running ok. Things are pretty normal around here. It was a difficult week for me, everyday something not nice happened, but nothing serious. I tripped and hurt my foot, someone bumped my car at the gas pumps, the kids at school were all pretty loud (but that's normal!) and I had to go to the dentist. Like I said, difficult, but nothing serious. Well, I hope you all had a better week and I'll talk to you soon.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hey all,
Happy Superbowl Sunday!!! Anyone having a party? We are just hanging out with the kids and maybe one of their friends. It's been pretty boring around here lately, so it's nice to have something good to do (watch the game!) I'm in a pool from work and I hope my numbers come up.
Fayth, that's way cool about the satellite. We have a DVR with our cable and we love it too. The biggest problem we have is that Summer hates to miss anything, so she is constantly pausing the tv and we get so out of wack with time because of it. I think it's pretty funny that she has figured it out and I know some grownups that can't figure it out!! That's what happens with a smart girl growing up in the age of computers I guess.
I'm going to get off here, it's snack time and everyone is getting hungry and cranky. I'll talk to you later

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Me again...

Hey all, how's it going? Good here. Just a lazy Saturday morning. Didn't get up till 9 and now I'm just poking around on here while I eat breakfast and drink my tea. Aaahhhh....
The kids are laying on the couch watching "The Pacifier". Any of you seen it? It's actually pretty funny. For those of you who have seen it, you'll know what I mean when I say I've got the "Peter Panda Dance" song stuck in my head! Anyways, we've got this movie because right now we've got 3 months free of HBO and all the other movie channels. We just switched from cable to DirecTV which is sattelite. A friend of mine got this right before Christmas and was telling us about it and our cable bill was going up anyways, so we looked into it. All done and told it's only ending up being a couple dollars more than what our bill was going up to, and the deal right now was getting a free DVR (like TIVO) so we went for it. We love it! It is the coolest thing I've ever had! With the DVR you can record without tapes (I think up to like 70 hours) so we're of course recording all the movies from the free movie channels to watch when we have the time. I recorded one the other day at like 4 am (like I'm going to be up to watch it at that time?) so now we can watch it when it's convenient. Which of course is how the kids are watching "The Pacifier" right now. The best part though, is that it automatically records for 30 minutes whatever channel you're watching, so if you get up during the commercial for whatever and don't make it back in time, you just rewind it! Or you can pause it to go get a drink or whatever. It's so cool. Sorry if I'm going on, but we've only had it about 2 weeks so it's still pretty exciting. And the good news is that the picture quality is great and hasn't gone out on us at all. Which is pretty good considering we've been having stormy weather all week with no problems. Actually today we're supposed to be getting hit with the biggest windstorm in ages or something. It started up last night, we could hear the wind pounding the rain into the house. It's nasty! It's been the big story on the news all week, everyone's all worried about whether or not we'll have power to watch the superbowl. I don't give a crap about the superbowl though, I just don't want to lose power! It's cold! But you know the Seattle Seahawks are in this year, so it's a HUGE deal around here. Well, guess that's about it for me for today. I really should get off here and get something done today. Having company for dinner tonight so need to tidy up a bit. So does nobody check this thing anymore? Haven't heard from anyone in a bit. Come on people! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, busy lives, blah, blah, blah... Just kidding! Anyways, talk to you all later.

Peace, Love, Dope - Now get the hell out!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Groundhog's Day!!

So apparently good ol' Phil saw his shadow this morning over there in Puxta-whatchamacallit PA or wherever he is. Six more weeks of winter ordered up. Yipee.

Hope all is well with you all. I'll get on and write more later. Just wanted to say hiya.